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Yoga Mat

Yoga is a discipline that helps improve body elongation, strength, balance, and improves the overall performance of people in their daily activities. It is achieved through the practice of asanas and meditation, promoting control over the body and mind. The practice of yoga leads to a path of holistic well-being, accentuating our greatest potential as unique beings and integrating the mind, body, and spirit.

This practice merits certain tools, such as yoga mats, comfortable clothes, and props, to contribute to the advancement and strengthening of yoga practice. Yoga mats for yogis are magical carpets, where the body rests, and the mind calms down. It is a tool that allows them to experience body movements and other physical or recreational activities comfortably.

That is why it is vital to pay attention to the type of tool we choose when doing an activity such as yoga or pilates. These activities can be performed in various places such as the office, the bedroom, gyms, the park, the beach, and others.

The comfort offered by a mat is as paramount as the guidance of an excellent teacher or instructor. It is recommended to preferably look for yoga mats made with biodegradable materials, made with rubber, organic or natural cotton and jute. The yoga mat made of rubber is considered to be more respectful of the environment.

Currently, there are several brands of yoga mats on the market that offer comfort, attractive and durable styles where the hands and feet feel safe and firm when performing the asanas. It is essential to select an elastic, non-slip, and light mat. Stretch types in most cases have similar measures such as 60 cm wide by 1.73 cm long and 4 mm or 6 mm, standard size handled by commercial brands with colorful and fun signs that give the public diversity and personality in your favorite tools.


Some of them are:

  • Manduka Yoga Mat: offering different thicknesses and carpet designs.
  • Gaiam Yoga Mat: offers a fresh and fun style in accessories and tools to practice yoga and exercises in general.
  • Prana Yoga Mat: It has classic designs, and a textured surface with natural anti-slip properties, among others. Most brands of yoga mats are made of TPE thermoplastic elastomer.

The yoga mat is an excellent and indispensable tool that contributes to the stability, permanence of the asanas, and the movements. The practice of yoga is universal, and the yoga mat makes it possible for spaces and moments to emerge comfortably.


  • Make sure the mat is non-slip.
  • Cover it with a cotton towel of the same size as the mat (for sweat)
  • Have a mat to use it outdoors (grass, dirt, sand) and another to use it in a yoga or gym studio
  • As much as possible, try to make yourself the only person to use your mat for hygiene and comfort
  • Select mats that are made with organic materials.

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