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Thai Yoga Massage is the combination of traditional yoga and massage. It came into existence around 2,500 years ago within the temples of Thailand. Thai Yoga Massage was originally called the Old Thai Way of Healing with the Hands. Jivaka Kumarbhacca is the founder of Thai Yoga Massage and was a doctor and yoga instructor. He was Buddha’s doctor and treated him using Thai Yoga Massage. It was originally used more for medicine than for relaxation. Today, Thai Yoga Massage is still used to heal the body but focuses more on the relaxation and rejuvenating component.

Thai Yoga Massage originated within the Buddhist religion but it can be performed by people of all faiths because it is non-sectarian and non-dogmatic. A class can involve religious Buddhist traditions or it can be a simple massage session. It is completely up to the individual. Not all Thai Yoga Massage instructors are connected to the Buddhist religion in any way. It’s just about finding the right instructor that fits your religious views and fits what you want to get out of the practice.

During a Thai Yoga Massage class, the instructor guides the client through a series of poses. These poses are used to bring relaxation and open up certain parts of the body to the instructor. While the client moves through these specific poses, the instructor uses their palms and thumbs as tools to help heal and rejuvenate the client’s body. The instructor rubs their palms and thumbs along specific energy lines and pressure points to help the client accomplish total relaxation and release. There are no special tools used during a Thai Yoga Massage session except a traditional yoga mat.

The benefits that come along with Thai Yoga Massage are almost endless. There are both physical and psychological benefits. Thai Yoga Massage promotes well-being and long life. The combination of yoga and massage provides a full body treatment.

Physically, Thai Yoga Massage relieves muscular tension, improves circulation, boosts the immune system, balances the body, lowers risk of injury, improves range of motion, elevates level of alertness, improves sleep, revitalizes the skin through increased blood flow, and helps prevent and fight migraines, sinus pressure, sprains, stiffness, whiplash, digestive disorders, arthritis, asthma, carpal tunnel syndrome, diabetes, and chronic fatigue.

Psychologically, Thai Yoga Massage increases serotonin levels, improves emotional balances, brings clarity and calms the mind, increases mind and body concentration, helps with depression, helps with PMS, reduces stress, boosts energy, brings self-awareness, and improves overall vitality.

Thai Yoga Massage has been around for thousands of years and for a good reason. It has been proven that Thai Yoga Massage can extend a person’s life. This is because it focuses on healing both the body and the mind. It takes the benefits of both massage and traditional yoga to leave the body feeling rested, restored, and rejuvenated.

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